Ürümqi (Uyghur Latin script: Ürümqi; Pinyin: Wu-lu(mùqí; population about 1.6 million ) is the capital of the Xinjiang Autonomous Region of the People’s Republic of China, in the northwest of the country.  It is the largest city in the western half of China, and is listed in the Guinness Book of Records as the remotest city from any sea at a distance of about 1,400 miles (2500 km) from the nearest coastline.
The actual point of land remotest from the sea is approximately 200 miles away from Ürümqi at Lat. 46 degrees 16.8 minutes N, Long. 86 degrees 40.2 minutes E in the Dzoosotoyn Elisen Desert. It was reached by Britons Nicholas Crane and Dr Richard Crane on 27 June 1986. This position is at a straight-line distance of 1,645 miles (2648 km) from the nearest coastline.

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Weather in Urum-Qi

Travel to Ürümqi

By Airplane

Located to the northwest of the city, Urumqi Diwopu International Airport is about 16 km (9.9 miles) from the city center. Having been expanded several times, it has now become a major airport in the west of China and connects China with Middle Asia, West Asia, Europe and Africa. About 141 airlines connect the city with 52 domestic and 31 international destinations such as Beijing, Xian, Shanghai, Yinchuan, Guangzhou, Ulan Bator, Kabul, Osh and so on.

By Train

Urumqi is linked by rail to six major Chinese cities: Xian, Shanghai, Beijing, Chengdu, Zhengzhou and Lanzhou. Train services also connect Urumqi with other main cities in Xinjiang, such as Korla, Aksu, Kuitun, and Liuyuan. Due to the great distances, we strongly advise you to book a sleeper berth. Besides, an international railway line from Urumqi to Almaty, Kazakhstan, is also available.

There are four railway stations in the city, the south and the west ones being the most important. The South Railway Station, also called Urumqi Railway Station, lies on Qingfeng Road. Trains to major inland cities and to southern Xinjiang start from this station. Public Bus BRT1, 8, 10, 16, 36, 44, 50, 58, 902, 903, 905 and 909 can take passengers to the railway station.

The West Railway Station is much closer to the airport than the Urumqi Railway Station. Trains to Yining, Dzungarian Gate, Beitu and Kuitun start here. Bus 909 operates between the two railway stations.

18 ticket-selling offices are scattered throughout the city. Passengers can easily get their train tickets at local main bus stations such as Nianzigou Long-distance Bus Station and North Long-Distance Bus Station. Besides, ticket offices can be found on major streets such as Huanghe Road, North Nanhu Road and Jianshe Road.

By Long-distance Bus

Long-Distance Bus Station Highway Traffic in Xinjiang is comparatively developed and long-distance buses to most cities in Xinjiang depart every day from Urumqi. There are also special tourist lines to Heavenly Lake (75 miles), Southern Pastures (47 miles), Turpan (124 miles), Shihezi (93 miles), etc.

Jungong Passenger Transport Station
Address: Nanzhan Road (close to Urumqi Railway Station)
Major Destinations: Hutubi, Manas, Kuitun, Shihezi
City Bus Passing: 2, 8, 10, 16, 20, 36, 44, 50, 52, 58, 903, 906, 909, 915

Northern Suburb Passenger Transport Station
Address: No. 437, South Nanhu Road
Route: for places in northern and eastern Xinjiang Province
Major Destinations: Ili, Burqin, Karamay, Hami (Kumul)
City Bus Passing: 45, 906, 103, 529, 914, 921, 75, 901

Southern Suburb Passenger Transport Station
Address: No.21, Yan’erwo Road, Santunbei
Route: for destinations in southern Xinjiang Province
Major Destinations: Aksum Kashgar, Turpan, Kumul, Korla, Hetian
City Bus Passing: 7, 9, 39, 51, 55, 68, 910

Nianzigou Passenger Transport Station
Address: No. 49, Heilongjiang Road
Route: mainly to places in southern and northern Xinjiang Province
Major Destinations: Ili, Burqin, Karamay, Hami (Kumul)
City Bus Passing: 51

What to see:

The Grand Bazaar (also called Erdaoqiao in Chinese or the International Bazaar) is a place to get and look at regional products, and there are also imported products from nearby Russia and Mongolia and the new states to the west. It is a popular tourist destination and somewhat of a tourist trap. It is in the city’s Uighur district on the southern side of the city. That makes the place interesting. There is a big mosque there. To attract attention, people stage entertainment like tightrope walking, and you can try the local food. Try Uighur fruitcakes and dried fruits. There is also a building where people can have banquets while watching staged theaters or musical performances. Most of Urumqi is a regular Chinese city, but to see some regional culture and shop, the Grand Bazaar and the Uighur area around it is an interesting place to go.

The most famous landscape gem near Urumqi is Heavenly Lake (also named Tianchi Lake), particularly refreshing to visitors arriving in the city from the barren Xinjiang deserts or from China’s granite cities. A moraine lake hemmed in by majestic snow-crowned peaks west of Bogda Mountain, Tianchi is 3,400 meters (11,125 feet) long, 1,500 meters (4920 feet) wide, 1,980 meters (6494 feet) above sea level. The pristine scene is stunning. A one-day tour usually consists of a boat ride on the lake, or a ride or walk along the lakeshore.

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