Osoyoos, Oliver and Greenwood

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Osoyoos a little Spain in the Okanagan, dry, dessert, lakes, beaches, wine, peaches, grapes, etc..is increasing in tourism for its weather, numerous hotels and camping’s.
There is a lot of activities to do in Osoyoos, visiting the wineries in Oliver and around where they make without doubt the best Canadian wines, crossing the desert, sailing the lake, etc
There is a big colony of portuguese families who they have come on the 50’s, thanks to their hard work we can enjoy some of the finest wines.
Is a place where you want to spend few weeks or not to retire there for the rest of your life, his dry climate is perfect for the elderly.
With less than 200 mm of rain a year, has rattlesnakes, turtles, coyotes, cactuses, grasses and desert brushes.


Oliver has a small airport; it is possible to be flown directly in to town by private jet from a neighboring city such as Penticton or Osoyoos.

Car access to Oliver is made simple by the fact that Highway 97 (a major highway through the Okanagan region) passes directly through the town. While Oliver has a private taxi company, there is no public transportation system except for specialized bus services for seniors or people with disabilities.

Oliver is a relatively small town; most, if not all, of everything is within walking distance. However, you can get a private taxi service to drive you around if need be. There is the KVR trail (also referred to as the Hike & Bike path) that makes its way to Osoyoos and up to OK Falls and Penticton; it is a scenic route along the Okanagan River. Most of the route is paved and well maintained, and even the unpaved (gravel) parts are well looked after with minimal holes and obstructions. This path is definitely faster, safer and more fun to travel on than the highway, if you plan to bike or walk to any of Oliver’s neighboring cities.

Make sure to visit some of the many world class wineries while in Oliver. Oliver is home to the Golden Mile, and some of the valley’s best grapes are grown here.
Across the valley from the Golden Mile is the Black Sage bench, which is home to some of the valley’s most acclaimed wineries. It is renowned for its easterly position, heat, and long summer sun exposure, allowing for the production of high-quality red wines. Not all wineries in the area focus on “big red” wines, however. The Black Sage region of the South Okanagan is definitely a worthwhile area to tour during a stay in Oliver.


Greenwood in BC is a small City in the west Boundary area south of British Columbia incorporated in 1897 with superb heritage houses from the gold rush has tourism interest, with a museum, old log ruins, waterfalls, etc


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