Sandon, British Columbia is one of many mining ghost towns in British Columbia, Canada. It is also the birthplace of hockey legend, Cecil ‘Tiny’ Thompson.

For a short time, Sandon was among the most important and most sophisticated of all the many silver towns in the Kootenay and Slocan regions. Two different railways reached the town from New Denver on Slocan Lake and Kaslo on Kootenay Lake, and the town’s narrow streets were jammed around the train terminals and between the steep, mountainsides hemming in the city, which was as sophisticated as any in the province at the time. As with the other silver-fueled towns in the shadow of Idaho Peak, southwest of town, Sandon faded with silver prices and remained as a nearly-intact ghost town of some prestige until devastating floods in the 1950s wiped out most of the town’s old frame structures, elegant and otherwise. Today Sandon has a population of fewer than a dozen, and some old buildings have been restored.


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