Sumidero Canyon, Misol-Ha, Agua Clara and Agua Azul


Sumidero Canyon

Sumidero Canyon (Spanish: Cañón del Sumidero) is a canyon located about 40 km from Tuxtla Gutiérrez, capital of the Mexican state of Chiapas. Its cliff is 900 meters above sea level and overlooks the Grijalva River, which goes across the states of Chiapas and Tabasco and flows into the Gulf of Mexico. In its southern entrance, the canyon begins near the city of Chiapa de Corzo, and flows into the reservoir of the hydroelectric dam Manuel Moreno Torres, best known as Chicoasén.

This canyon is a result of a geological fault during the Pleistocene. The canyon is regarded as an important tourist attraction in the state of Chiapas.

The importance and cultural symbolism of Sumidero Canyon for Chiapans are so great that its silhouette is the base of the of the Coat of Arms of the state of Chiapas.

The Sumidero Canyon is home to a great variety of wildlife including crocodiles. Cañón del Sumidero actually means by literal translation “tube of the drain”.


A 30 metres waterfall, is possible to walk inside, behind the water.

Agua Clara

In the River Shumulha you can find Agua Clara in the middle of the jungle, blue and clean waters in a refreshing spot

Agua Azul Waterfalls

The Cataratas de Agua Azul ( Spanish for “Waterfalls of Blue Water”) are found in the Mexican state of Chiapas . They are located 69 kilometers from Palenque by the road that leads towards San Cristóbal de las Casas .

This waterfall consists of many cataracts following one after another as can be seen in the first photo in the picture gallery, taken from near the top of the sequence of cascades. The larger cataracts may be as high as 6 meters (20 feet) or so. The one pictured to the right is next to the bottom of the sequence.

The water is as blue as it looks in the pictures, and has a high mineral content. Where it falls on rocks or fallen trees it encases them in a thick shell-like coating of limestone.

During much of the distance the water descends in two streams, with small islands in the middle.


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