Queretaro (formal name: Queretaro de Arteaga ) is a state in central Mexico . Its capital is the city of Santiago de Queretaro although, in general parlance, the name “Querétaro” is used for both the city and the state.

Queretaro is bordered to the north by the state of San Luis Potosí , to the west by Guanajuato , to the east by Hidalgo , to the southeast by the state of Mexico , and to the southwest by Michoacan .

Main industries: auto parts, packaged food, electronics, paper, education, tourism, poultry.

The capital city of Santiago de Queretaro is located some 200 km to the northwest of Mexico City . It is known for its Colonial Era architecture.

Queretaro Weather

How to go

There are many buses that go to Queretaro from major cities, such as Mexico City or Guadalajara. Buses are normally not very expensive and some bus lines offer student discounts in either official Mexican holidays or the summer, winter and april vacation period. First class buses often offer movies and can be very comfortable.

There is toll road from Mexico City to Queretaro. The drive is about 2 hours, but add another hour for leaving/entering Mexico City.

Queretero has a brand new international airport (QRO). There are direct daily flights from the Houston, Texas. Also a weekly direct flight from Los Angeles California. Domestic flights are expensive so a bus may be more convenient (especially from Mexico City).

Taxis will take you anywhere in town for a fixed fare. Very short or longer rides may go up or down $5 pesos.

There are many city buses on the main roads.

The historical center of town is very compact. It’s easiest to walk around once you get there. There are also tour trolleys available.


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