Nabusimake Eclipse

The Solar Eclipse in Nabusimake (Colombia) on February 26, 1998

 Nabusimake, in northern Colombia. Nabusimake is the main Arhuaco village and literally means “the land where the sun was born”. The Aruahaco people believe that after the eclipse the sun is reborn pure of mankind’s sins.

 The Arhuacos: Region of Tairona formation, San Sebastián, Nabusimake and Pueblo Bello. Is the most representative tribe at the present time in the Department of Cesar, still they maintain the control of the Sierra Nevada. Nowadays the Arhuacos have their own Governmental state, they are the older brothers and the other beings according to their culture we are the smaller brothers.
The community Arhuaca is very old. They have been found more than 200 ruins of Tairona populations. Among the ones that is found the Best known Lost City (Buritaca) that was discovered in 1973.


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