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Silvia is a small town at 60 Km of Popayán, is the center of the Guambianos and there is a market celebrated every Tuesday where they carry fruits, vegetable and handicrafts.
escudo-silviaThey are located today in the municipality of Silvia, since before the independence they saw as landlords seized more than the half of the land that belongs to them since the colony.
Thus, the Guambianos has remained and reduced to live in less than 10.000 hectares of the worst lands, being produced in its interior serious clashes by the dispute of tiny lots of land, a deterioration accentuated of its economy and living conditions, and still the emigration of a part of its population.

Weather in Silvia

Silvia is a 1 hour bus ride (curvy roads) from Popayan. It features an authentic market full of locals and very few tourists. Clothing, electronics, houseware, freshly butchered meat, fruits, etc. are sold there. At the market one can find Guanbano Indians dressed in their traditional outfits unpacking wares from traditional chiva buses.

Silvia also has a nice plaza with many churches throughout the town. Even on the busiest market day one can easily escape to find calmness. Hiking up to the church on the hill offers a spectacular view.


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